Located in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean sea, between the island of Evia and those of the Northern Sporades, Skyros is an island where the imagery and landscape is simply stunning, and the colours and scents create a truly special place to enjoy holidays throughout the year.

There are many towns, villages and coastal resorts spread out all over the island, each providing their own unique scenery and landscapes – from the luschious and green forests found on the north, to the rocky and dominating mountains found in the south.

Skyros is an island that has so much to offer, and whatever type of holiday you are searching for, you can be confident that Skyros will be able to provide you with exactly what you want.

The beaches of Skyros are famous throughout Greece, and the island has some of the most beautiful you will find anywhere in the country.

Long soft sandy beaches, where the clear blue waters of the Aegean provide the perfect and most refreshing escape from the hot summer sun.

The island is one that has truly been blessed in terms of natural beauty, and visitors to the island always find themselves amazed at finding an island of such charm, magic and inspiring scenery.

From the capital town of Chora, to the coastal resorts of Molos, Magazia and many others, Skyros is the perfect combination of land and sea, and a place where one cannot help but to relax and enjoy themselves.

For those who enjoy recreation and various activities, you can find a lot to do in Skyros. From watersports, windsurfing and fishing, to trekking and various excursions, Skyros has so much to offer those who decide to explore and venture out in search of it’s hidden beauties.

The island is well developed for tourism, though this has not changed the traditional and authentic apperance of many of the areas of Skyros.

It is a very traditional and authentic island, and many parts of it remain unspoilt and as they were many years ago.

Skyros is an excellent holiday destination, and one that many visitors find themselves returning back to, year after year.

It is an island that constantly changes in terms and beauty and charm, and one where you can always discover new areas, isolated beaches, and stunning and peaceful scenery.

Skyros is fast becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Aegean, and is attracting visitors from all over the world. With an increase in direct flights as well as the excellent ferry service, the island is easily accessible.