Skiathos is the most cosmopolitan island of Sporades… It has its own airport with international and domestic flights. The island has only one settlement Skiathos Town or Hora, where at the same time is the port too.

Skiathos took its name either from ‘the skia of Athos’ which means ‘shadow of Athos’ and Athos is the Holly Mount (AgionOros); just because its orientation ‘reaches’ the shadow of AgionOros or from its first inhabitants the Pelasgians, because they were impressed by the great shadow (skia) of the many trees covering the island.

The island belongs to Northern Sporades (Skopelos, Alonissos) and is shaped from southwest to northeast, the length is from southwest to northeast and the width is from northwest to southeast. It is located east of mainland Greece and Magnesia and northeast of Evia. Skiathos is covered by thick pine forest and streched golden beaches becomes an ideal travel destination.

Adding to this there are many hotels that can satisfy every taste. As a result, during the summer months the island becomes very popular and provides an astonishing nightlife experience!

Skiathos is the homeland of AlexandrosPapadiamantis a great litterateur of his times, where most of his work was inspired from his island…

The beaches of Skiathos are:

Megali AmmosVassiliasAchladiesTzaneriaKanapitsaKalamakiVromolimnosKoliosAgia ParaskeviTroulosMarathaKoukounaries,AmbelakiaBananaAgiaEleniHidden BeachMandrakiEliasAgistrosAsselinosKechriaKastroLalariaLechouniMegasGialosXanemo,Tsougrias

The most famous beaches of Skiathos:

KOUKOUNARIES BEACH: 10 kilometers from Hora (Skiathos town); your can use the bus (stop 24) or car & taxis. You have arrived… the most famous beach with a Horse Riding Center too… Not to mention the landscape (with a small lake near-by)… We consider this is one of the best beaches in the world… for sure is a MUST!

Megali Ammo Beach: 2 kilometers from Hora (Skiathos town) at walking distance, however you can use the bus (stops 5,6,7) or car of course. Sandy & organized with most of the watersports available! ..and many hotels near by…

Achladies Beach: 2.5 kilometers from Hora (Skiathos town); your can use the bus (stop 10) or car & taxis. Families’ best with traditional tavernas and lots of watersports… ah! and full of olive trees and flowers around you. Tip: Tryitlateafternoon&enjoy the sunset!

Vromolimnos Beach: 6 kilometers from Hora (Skiathos town); your can use the bus (stop 13) or car & taxis. Party time here! Beach bars & DJs are creating an excellent atmosphere Just be sure to be there anytime – sure you will enjoy… Trust us & see you there!

- Maratha Beach: 10 kilometers from Hora (Skiathos town); your can use the bus (stop 19) or car and taxi. Small & wonderful – sandy of course – beach with blue waters… enjoy it!

LALARIA BEACH: 10 kilometers from Hora (Skiathos town); accessed only through a boat from Skiathos port. The world-famous Lalaria with its unique hole rocks (‘Tripia Petra’), will steal your soul… An enchanting & exotic landscape with the ultra blue waters you will ever find…

MANDRAKI (Xerxes) BEACH: 12 kilometers from Hora (Skiathos town); your can use the bus (stop 24) and then car or scooter. There is a beach bar with everything needed… and also strong winds which are ideal for windsurfing. Next to it are the cozy ones Elias and Agistros (called ‘Paradise’) beach (accessed by foot or boat).